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I hate to say it but no more prompts for a little while

I severely underestimated how many I would get and now I have well over 20 just sitting in my inbox.

So yeah. Gonna play catch up. No more prompts for now.

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And one last thing! I'm still trying to get the hang of how to use tumblr lol (I'm so untechy its ridiculous) and I cant seem to find any of the posts you leave me unless i go foraging in my dash or on your page, even though you tag me in them. Ive checked my own tag, but I dont really get anything, I have like three posts from a while ago, and you've clearly tagged like twenty in my name. I was just wondering if you know why that is, and if so, is there a way to fix it? but anyways, thank you!

That would probably be just Tumblr itself.

What you can do is go to my blog directly and search your name there and that’ll pull up everything tagged in your name :D




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Prompt: The Peaky Blinders AU, again. Tommy confronts Arthur and Alfie and tells Arthur the truth. Alfie is devastated but he lets Arthur go to Birmingham to meet his mother. After a couple of weeks Arthur comes back to Alfie and ask him a question. Not "why did you do this" but "do you really love me". When Alfie says "yes", Arthur stays with him.

Peaky Blinders is starting to become a total favorite of mine. I love doing these prompts!


When Tommy Shelby appeared out of nowhere, uninvited and not on the schedule, Alfie was on guard. He had no time to hide Arthur, considering that Shelby came in while Alfie was at his desk and Arthur across from it, talking to him instead of letting him work. Alfie could have beaten Shelby to death then and there, his cold blue eyes landed on Arthur and Alfie knew that Shelby knew.

Arthur stood, or rather tried, but Alfie’s hand landed on his shoulder and pushed him back down. 

"What are you doing here, Shelby? You’re not due here for another couple of days."

"I could come by when I want. I thought that was the arrangement."

"It is."

"Well, here I am, Besides, this isn’t business. This is personal."

He looked back at Arthur and Alfie stood between them.

"He’s not involved."

"Oh I believe he is."

Shelby’s voice was hard and he was furious, Alfie could tell but he wouldn’t back off. Not when it came to Arthur.

"Give him on Solomons."

"He’s mine."

"You kidnapped him!"

He shouted and Alfie narrowed his eyes at him as Arthur’s voice broke through the both of them.

"What? Alfie…what does he mean?"

He felt his boy’s hand on his wrist and Alfie couldn’t bring himself to say it. He glare stayed trained on Shelby as he heard him say it.

"Arthur, you belong to my Aunt Polly. You’re a Shelby. Solomons here kidnapped you when you were a child."

Arthur looked so painfully young hearing the news, his eyes flickering at Shelby and then at Alfie. Seeing Alfie’s reaction, Arthur knew it was true. 

"He’s not a thing, Solomons, He deserves a chance to find out who his family is. It should be his choice."

Alfie finally broke his gaze from Shelby to Arthur and he took Arthur’s hand as he held it firmly. 

"Arthur…if you want to…you can."

Arthur looked as if he would go and Alfie’s greatest fear was that he wouldn’t return. He thought maybe, Arthur would be so devoted to him, that maybe Shelby’s revelation wouldn’t matter. But his heart was broken when Arthur stood up and said,

"I want to meet them."

Alfie nodded and he let Arthur’s hand go. He looked back at Shelby and felt himself biting the inside of his lips, a tight line now under his beard as if blaming him for this.

"We’ll deal with this at a later time."

Shelby only nodded and stepped aside to take Arthur back to Birmingham. 

Two weeks went by and Alfie worked and stayed at his desk and stalked around the bakery. He refused to think of Arthur because his absence hurt more than he ever thought possible.

While he worked on evening, he heard someone coming in and he looked up to see Arthur. Alfie stood, letting his reading glasses drop against his shirt. He knew he had much to explain, he knew the Shelbys had told him everything and the secret he had so longed to keep was now exposed. He knew Arthur would have questions and Alfie had to answer them.

Arthur’s sweet face looked at him and didn’t come any closer than the door when he finally asked,



"Do you really love me?"


He didn’t hesitate. Arthur was the one good thing in his life - which is why he had to steal it to begin with. But it was all Arthur wanted to hear. He walked towards Alfie and Alfie walked around his desk, putting his arms around his boy - still his boy and he held onto him firmly, his hand burying itself in his hair, the other clutching at his back. He moved his head slightly to kiss his cheek and whispered in his ear,

"I missed you, boy."

Arthur’s hold held him back just as tightly.

"I missed you too."

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